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Mobile Anesthesia in the Convenience of an Office-based Environment

Turn to Dental Anesthesia Northwest for mobile anesthesia in Idaho, Montana, and Washington. Using the latest technology, Dr. Richard Montandon administers anesthesia to patients during dental or other surgical procedures. As a trained dentist anesthesiologist who has experience working in a hospital setting and a mobile anesthesia environment, he is uniquely qualified to provide his services to patients regardless of age, circumstance, or need.

Anesthesia for Children and Special Needs Patients

When working with pediatric and special needs patients, Dr. Montandon will tailor his services to meet their specific needs. For instance, with children, he will keep them distracted by playing games, showing them the equipment, or helping them breathe into the mask. He will also work to involve the parents in a way that helps to make the children feel at ease. For patients with special needs, such as those who are unable to sit still, he will use an intramuscular injection or give them an oral medication so they are more cooperative and an IV can be put into place.

With both pediatric and special needs patients, Dr. Montandon will constantly monitor them to ensure minimal side effects. Written and verbal post-anesthesia instructions will be provided for each patient.